• Innovation + Excellence

    We are positioned to serve you in adherence to best practices
Tech Savvy

Savvy with the New Age

We deploy modern technologies for effective and efficient execution of services to our clients. Our understanding of safety and environment has re-engineered our waste management and disposal activities with local and international partnerships.

We are Unique

We are experts at the work we do. With experience working across various industries, we develop strategies from our expertise in-house to deliver excellent results.


We are Indigenous

We are a home grown company. Having great partners, we deliver more local content in compliance with regulations. We defend our place on the African map.

Our Commitment

We are committed to serving you.

Strategic Partnerships

We develop partnerships that support all parties in our projects.

Sustainable Growth

We focus on growing our business at a pace that we can manage.

Value for Money

We provide services with the promise of value for money.